Saturday, September 15, 2012

YAMAHA International Motorshow ☺

Robby was supposed to write this post
however he's quite busy nowadays,
he has another motor event to attend today as the
race's engine scrutineer together with his father.
So let me do the honors. ヅ

FYI: As engine scrutineers they're the ones
who examine the engines of the top 5 racers
before they are declared as official winners.
If they see engine modifications that can give an
advantage of winning the race but which are not
allowed by the organization's rules, they have the
authority to disqualify them. 
Tough job huh? ヅ

Anyways, last Sunday he invited me
to the Philippine Leg of
It's a 7-day event which consists of a lot of freebies! ヅ
Free parking, driving lessons, free test-drives,
live performances of the top bands, etc. 
Robby claiming his freebies & food as a
Yamaha Club member.
If you're not a member you'd go home with
nothing! hahaha!!!
Those are just some of the Yamaha motorbikes
of the attendees!
Jorge Lorenzo - Yamaha's champion racer
wasn't able to make it so
we just feast on his YZR-M1 bike! hahaha! ヅ
This is THE motorbike he's been using since 2008
which helped him to be a MotoGP World Champion
in 2010 and 2012 (season in progress).1

Robby's ultimate plan for his Wonder Bike.
Watch out for it! hehehe!
Fino scooter.
We're not allowed to sit on the bikes
thus the standing position.
A motorbike with Yamaha GPS??? ヅ
They also showcased their watercraft.
 "The Yamaha executives went on to let the public know
that they would be starting to roll out
fuel-injected versions of their bikes,
which boast increased fuel efficiency as well as
reduce the environmental impact and cost of ownership."2
Robby making fun of the promotional girls. hehe!
Robby receive Yamaha shirt, a versatile scarf,
baller & magazine.

 P.S. This happened the same day we went to
T.G.I.Friday's so I just changed bottoms
and footwear appropriate for the event.

Happy Sunday everyone!  (─‿‿─) 

1. Wikipedia.org
2. Gadgets Magazine PH

Shirt: Thrifted
Leggings: Thrifted
Studded Converse Shoes: Thrifted

~~~> wReY ^_*


  1. And all along, I thought all motorbikes were created equal. I never knew there was so much variety! It definitely ups the sex appeal for both men and women.

    1. Yes they have. Like humans, they're created differently! ^◡^

  2. I think I already bumped into your blog about how you love things with skull so much....i love motorcycles but i don't know how to ride them though...id love to learn someday...thanks for the visit dear...:)


    1. Riding motorcycle is almost like riding a bicycle with engine. It's all about balancing...^◡^

  3. si roby nangchichicks oh! hehehhe

  4. wow you know a lot about motorcycles too :) kulit ng pics with the promo girls :)

  5. Yey, ang gara ng mga motor bikes! astig yung YZR-M1 bike :D

    and ang cute ng mga promo chix!

  6. ang aastig nmn yan nice event my freebies pa

  7. Great post :)
    I love the first picture :)

  8. Cool job checking on Modification. At least, these races would have legit winners. The motor display looks really nice in the Yamaha motorshow.

  9. Great and beautiful bikes. I bet only Yamaha could offer such sleekly designed machines.I had always been awed by the bikes they produce.

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  13. Great machine and pictures! thanks for the nice comment and visiting my blog :) I'd love to follow your blog. I hope also that you will follow my blog ;)
    kisses :)

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    1. Oh send our thanks to your cousin for referring you to our site.

      Thank you for the visit! ヅ


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