Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cruiserfest 2012

Hello people... it's me again, Robby.
I am back to give you guys a post about 2 wheels...

After finishing Chopperbike, it's time to show it off.
I had been keeping  the assembly of the bike a secret
- no pictures posted on the blog or my Facebook account.

Finally Cruiserfest has arrived, October 27 2012.
(It's better late than never, right? hahaha!)
Here's the official poster of the event..

 We started off from the Manila Bikes and Choppers shop
in EDSA where most of the participants
for the motorcade were already there waiting.
We were to do a motorcade from North part of EDSA
to MOA "Mall of Asia".
After a short briefing we headed off to MOA.
We thundered down EDSA, unfortunately it was traffic
as usual so we detoured to Makati via Buendia.
That's my dad on a Harley.
(I didn't have photo on the road.)
It's a good thing that Chopperbike performed well,
  It was a breeze sneeking past traffic doomed cages.
The springer fork was a bit bouncy but can be remedied
and despite the small displacement engine of my bike,
I was able to keep up with the big engine cruisers
in the city.
As we arrived to the venue,
possibly around 40 mins from North EDSA.
It was great, lots of people waiting for the motorcade,
taking pictures pointing at us with delight at seeing
lots of cool bike thundering down the boulevard.
 There was a bike show so I registered Chopperbike,
competing against a lot of cool custom Harley-Davidson metrics bikes..
It was my first time to join a bike show.
It was fun and exciting - seeing the people's reaction
to Chopperbike.
It was great that all the hard work and engineering
put into the bike being appreciated by other people...
 Got a chance to meet a local celebrity and
bike enthusiast Maverick!!!
Tons of Harleys and custom bikes...moooooore bikes!!!
Wrey would love this skull-themed Harley...
More skulls...
ME & my Dad
The Manila Bikes & Choppers crew.
My cousin Harvey doing what he does best...burnouts!!!
and of course  the babes!!!
Eventhough I didn't win, I was still happy that
there was such awesome reactions to Chopperbike...
Looking forward to the next year's event!!!
(You can click on the photo to enlarge)
Some photos are taken by Gusphet and Cruiser Bikers.

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!



  1. ang angas naman neto,

    merry pasko at maligayang christmas xenung dalawa

  2. Love the toys for the big boys ... big bikes Robby! Cool! Hi to Wrey! Happy holidays!

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  3. asteeeg ng motorcycles! at ng kuha ng burnout ang galing :)

    Merry Christmas Wrey and Robby! :)

  4. wow ang galing naman. :D

    batiin ko na din kayo ni Wrey ng Happy Christmas!

  5. Wow i know nothing about bikes but that 2nd to last pic with all the girls, it looks really hot!


  6. Replies
    1. Salamat Marco! Maligayang pasko at manigong bagong taon sayo! ヅ

  7. Fabulous bikes !! :)

    I hope that your Christmas was fabulous !!

  8. TOT TOROTTTOOOOOOTTTT!!! astig talaga ng blog nato...

    Gusto ko rin ng bike!

    1. Salamat Key! People like you inspire us! ^◡^

      Go! Bili na ng broom! broom!


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