Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 MotoRally of 1000 miles for 24 hours

Last January 5, 2013 me, my dad,
my cousin and his friend competed on the
MotoRally 24-hour 1000-mile race
to the infamous North Loop of Luzon.
That took us from Manila to the provinces of Bulacan,
Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales, Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur,
Ilocos Norte, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya,
Tarlac, Bulacan and Manila again. Whew!!!
 The objective was simple - as the title suggests was
to  finish the 1000 mile/1600km within 24hours
on your motorcycle with your teammate.
I teamed up with my dad while
my cousin and his friend paired up...
The good thing about this event was that
it had no restrictions on what type of bike you'd be using...
it could be a scooter, moped/ underbone, dirt bike,
naked bike, cruiser, sports bike to super bikes
as long as it has 2 wheels and an engine.

This was the route that we went through during the event.

 A week before the event we were still waiting for the
bikes which were going to be sponsored.
Unfortunately, it didn't materialize so we had
to use underbone motorcycles.
Me and my dad used a pair of early
model Yamaha Sniper 135cc.
( I couldn't use my own wonder bike since the engine was
being overhauled that time so I had to use a loaner bike).
They're small bikes if you were to compare them
the other participants' bikes who were
using large displacement sport bikes...

One week is not a good time to prepare the bikes...
However, we prioritize the expansion
of the fuel capacity of the bikes
by adding these fuel containers on the sides of the bike...
We're able to bump up our fuel capacity
from 4 liters to 16 liters.
 Good tires are worth the investment.
We used Bridgestone Battlax "race use only" tires and
HID lights were also installed for maximum visibility at night.
I had to mount this large digital clock
to let me know how many hours have passed. 
My Dad's bike carried the foot air pump.
Those bags was my mom's idea of making the
fuel containers more presentable 'cause it looks butt ugly
when the containers and the brackets are exposed.
My mom also has a lot of those "The Used" bags
laying around and it actually fit the fuel containers like a glove.
Thanks MOM!!!
We left the starting point at 10pm.
We got a slow start getting away from Manila traffic
but we got our pace into Zambales and Pangasinan,
made a steady pace all the way to the Ilocos provinces
but we started to slow down due to
exhaustion and sleepiness from Cagayan to Nueva Vizcaya
(in which we were already 36-48 hours awake )
Dad and I made it to the last checkpoint
before the Finish line at 7:00 PM Jan 6 2013.
Unfortunately, we had to call it quits with 200km to go.
Too much exhaustion and dangerous drivers on the road
would spell disaster for us if we're to force ourselves
to finish the event within 24 hours.
Along the way, we had seen other participants
getting involved in accidents,
others got some scrapes on the side
while other bikes were totaled...
Despite the mishap it was a blessing for our team
that we encountered no accidents during the event...
Next year, we will make sure to finish the course
with the same great team.
I apologize if there are no pictures from the actual event,
we never had the opportunity to take any photos at all...



  1. cool! what an adventure! Too bad you weren't able to finish.. well, it's better to be safe right? congrats for this milestone :)

  2. Sorry,but I have to say these bikes are not cool. :(

  3. This is one hardcore event. Even just sitting that long and being awake in a motorcycle is already challenging.

  4. Perfect trip !!

    New post - Kisses

  5. nice. im not really into motorcyles.. but I'd love to learn how to drive it someday :)

  6. What a long journey!!! I like! So you belong to a family of bikers :)

  7. this is cool! but i do not think i can join one or will i ever allow my little man to join one when he is older, i guess i am such a scaredy cat! ;)

  8. Nice story you've got here. It's always nice to see a fresh real-life account of events online. You and your dad must have a great bonding time because of this event. :)

  9. whoa!! what a massive bike and physical endurance!! Glad you made it safely and ooks like you all had an experience of a lifetime.

  10. wow, this is some kind of an escapade and great event.I love to see motorist on the road. I feel that they are free and worryless.


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