Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Do It says Nike! (>‿◠)✌

I was feeling sporty yesterday so
I took out my soccer shoes which had been
imprisoned inside my cabinet for a year! ヅ

Nope, I did not go to a soccer play (how I wish!)
I've worn them going to the office with
my thrifted cargo pants. ヅ
(sorry, I forgot to take my OOTD photo) 
 These shoes by the way were given by Robby
around 3 years ago when they were the "trend".
We found them on sale at a Nike's Factory outlet store.
In fact, we bought 2 pairs.
Robby has the black/neon green combination
which matched the colors of his motorcycle at that time. ヅ
Swoosh!!! ^◡^
How do you find my kicks?
Would you wear them on regular basis?

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. I'm sure the soccer shoes would really be a comfortable one to wear. I just hope the spikes were not to noisy on concrete.

    1. That's the downside of it Franc! It's really noisy on concrete & tiles! hahaha! ^◡^

  2. I bet you really love it Nike soccer shoes because you wear it from time to time.

  3. Yay! Cool shoes! I know someone who has one too but not because she played soccer before but because she just love having it :)

  4. Last time we check the nike shoes for basketball purposes and NBA stars signature shoes, quite really expensive but very beautiful. Alexis P.

  5. nice soccer shoes, i just hope that it's that comfortable to wear in concrete. Yahweh bless. ralph

  6. Hey, wear that one in a casual wear. I saw some of our teenagers here instead of wearing rubber shoes they use that instead. Just for a change. Give it a try...strolling around the mall...

  7. i love the shoes and big bike it's really cool. can i borrow it, and take some picture on it.?

  8. hmm dio ako fan ng ganyang shoes pero kakaiba to ahh,
    ang cute ng style sa laces saka ung sa ilalim anu nga ba tawag dayn swelas ba haha

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  10. I thought they were like for some special sports or something because of the spikes. Cool! :)

  11. I used to have spike shoes for my track and field training back in the days.. they are really good but the thing is, it feels awkward if you use them on a daily basis.. :)

  12. Nice Blog :)
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  13. Love your blog!

    Would you like to follow each other sweety?

    Keep in touch!

  14. of course we could follow each other by GFC!
    So please write me a comment if you follow me and I follow you right back :)

  15. I suggest that you go playing football with it. :-)

  16. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  17. Naah I won't wear them in regular basis bec I will be teased by hubby who's a player ha ha! But I'm a Nike lover :)

    You may wanna grant my WISH her :)

  18. I'm not a tennis/sporty shoe kind of girl at all. I've been looking for a cute pair for exercise, but bright neon. I never wear tennis shoes on a regular basis like you, haha.

    7% Solution​

  19. nice pair! how comfy are they?


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