Monday, April 8, 2013

March escapades ◠‿◠

Happy Monday Fashionmoto readers! ヅ

We're back!!!
(we do apologize for our 16-day blog hiatus)
Hope you had a blessed Holy Week this year. 
As you can see on the photo above,
I spent 2 days at the beach last week with
Robby and his family in Morong, Bataan.

WARNING: Topless photos ahead! B-Þ

Robby is a frustrated sand sculptor so
those are his creations! hahaha!
(check out his other masterpiece here)
Which one do you like better?
The "wasted lady" or the "giant hand"? ヅ
That's me on the left with Robby and some of his family members.
To help us beat the heat that day,
we had a yummy thirst-quenching mango juice.
Whew!!! ^◡^
I warned you about these shirtless photos, remember? ヅ
(>‿♥) He's the Brad Pitt of my life! hahaha!!!
Some fun sunset shots!!!
We had a bonfire on our 2nd night.
That's Robby's cousin & his friend feeling
a bit adventurous so they toured the place
by the seashore on their bikes. (>‿◠)
Robby's older brother, his cousin, his cousin's friend
and  his girlfriend were our travel buddies going
to the beach and going back home.
It was a 3-hour-drive on a motorcycle.
(About 180km, that's from Bulacan to Bataan.)
We stopped by the controversial Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. 
That's me wearing a denim jacket.
(I forgot to take photos of my riding outfit! tsk!) 
That's Robby and his brother wearing
their motorcycle group's shirts.
(and oh, please like their group's page here,
thank you!)
Anyway, since we're already in Bataan, we hiked to
Mt. Samat to see the 302-ft Dambana ng Kagitingan
(Shrine of Valor) Memorial Cross - "a national shrine
dedicated to the fallen Filipino and
American fallen during World War II." 
See that cross bar of the giant cross?
We lined up for 30-minutes to be elevated to that part
and see the bird's eye view of the entire
Bataan and the nearby cities. 
Finally, it was our turn to see
the interior of the giant cross bar.
We're here!!! ◠◡◠
It felt like you're inside an airplane but
with continuous blow of strong winds. 乂⍲‿⍲乂

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯ 


  1. nice saya nyo ahh! galing ng sand art nya ahh

  2. Amazing getaway! LOL at the topless photos! Haha! :)

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  3. Wow nagbakasyon grande pala kayo ni Robby :)

    Kakaaliw yung sand scultures hahaha :D

  4. looks like you had a wonderful time. great photos!

  5. you should sculpt a naked man and woman laying on their back,and display their frontal areas.

  6. I want two days at the beach too. Envy alarm!!! Well you guys had a f... great time. Btw have you seen my skull post?



  7. great pics :)
    follow you already on GFC & now also on bloglovin :)


  8. sounds like you had an amazing time ! good for you !

  9. Thank you so much for following my blog! I'm following back on GFC, bloglovin, facebook, and pinterest!

  10. wow saya naman! astig ng mga shots pati ung sculpture!! galeng!

  11. Wow! Nice sand sculptures! And I like that Memorial Cross! Would love to visit it! : )

  12. Great photographs!

    Hope you have a Splendid Sunday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

  13. wrey, it sounds like the perfect day! robby is very good at sand sculpting. your topless photo makes me laugh. i suddenly feel like mango juice, and a beautiful sunset on the beach. :)

  14. So Fun ! Great pictures ! :)


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