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What's the best sunglasses for you? ◔◡◔

It's summer season in the Philippines and
summer time is synonymous with sunglasses time.
We, Filipinos call them "shades" by the way. ヅ
I love wearing "shades". It's one of my
must-have accessories - I can't leave home without it.
But how will you know the right sunglasses for your face shape?
Well, read on for you to know the best
"shades" that will work on you. ヅ

I bumped into this great article about finding the
best sunglasses for your face shape:

"No two faces are exactly the same;
each one is a combination of shapes and angles,
and most will not fit precisely into a basic shape category.
Therefore, when using this guide,
pick the shape your features most strongly resemble.

If you do not know your face shape,
look into a mirror with your hair pulled back (if necessary).
Trace the outline of your face on the mirror with a bar of soap,
chalk, dry erase marker, light lipstick, or eye pencil
— anything that gives you a basic sketch and washes off easily.
Another good method for determining your face shape
is to ask a friend or family member what they think!

Is the shape you drew more round (circular),
oval (oblong), heart (triangular), or square (rectangular)?
Luckily, sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes,
so there are tried-and-true frames
that look smashing on every face silhouette.

Once you identify your face shape, read on for useful tips
on how to narrow your sunglasses search." 
 "A square face is characterized by a strong,
rectangular jaw line, a wide forehead, and wide cheekbones.
To soften these angular features,
opt for glasses with soft lines or rimless edges,
like chic round, classic aviator, or sexy shield frames.
Cat eyes also work well on square shapes because
they soften and add intriguing dimension to these features."
❤ Think of Angelina Jolie. ❤
"A heart-shaped or triangle-shaped face is characterized by
a wide forehead and pointed chin.
Super popular cat eye and butterfly designs help to
balance a narrow jaw line with upswept
 wide angles at the top of the frames
 Generally, any frames that are wider on the top
than the bottom work well, as they minimize the forehead’s width,
help balance the face, and draw the eye upwards.
Wayfarer and sport frames work perfectly to this effect, too!"
❤ Think of Ryan Gosling. ❤
 "Oval face shapes are ideal, because you can
basically pull off any type of round or square frame,
as long as you keep proportion in mind!
Smaller frames look best on petite faces,
while larger frames are suited for bigger ones.

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide,
so choose a pair of oversized sunglasses.
For example, aviators can help shorten and
soften a long face by adding width and dimension.
Square-shaped frames with a bit of softness
— like a classic pair of wayfarers — work well, too.

Don’t forget to play around with patterns and colors:
Wear a pair of glasses with décor on the temples or
colored sunglasses that pop to make the ultimate style statement."
❤ Think of Megan Fox. ❤
"For a round face, choose frames that are equal to
or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.
For example,
oversized sunnies will make your face look longer and leaner.
Rectangular or angular shapes offset roundness as well,
so square shades, cat eyes, sport sunglasses,
or wayfarers are perfect for you!
Frames to avoid are shield styles and circular shapes;
these will add extra width and softness to a round face."
❤ Think of Elijah Wood. ❤

The secret is to choose styles that
are the opposite of your face shape. ◠‿◠

Photos from Google.com

Now that you know your face shape
then head over to Fashionmoto Shop to
order the best sunglasses for you. ◠‿◠

Here are some of the sunnies that we in the store:

Happy Shopping! ◠◡◠

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. mahilig din ako sunglasses pero simula nung naging malabo mata ko naka regular kembot nlng sinusuot ko n may grado

    1. Yun lang!hehehe...
      mabuti nga na-correct yung vision ko, normal na ulet kaya nakapag-shades na ulet ako.. =)

  2. Bihira lang ako magsunglass...hehe

    1. Simulan mo na ngayon Marco lalo na't palagi kang bumabyahe doing outdoor activities! ヅ

  3. Oooh.. you have a shop! I prefer aviator and Jackie O glasses. :)

  4. mahilig din ako magsuot ng eyeglasses particularly those nerdy type haha
    nice nice gaganda ng shades na yan

    1. Halata naman Mecoy na adik ka rin sa shades! ヅ

  5. I think that wearing shades instantly glams the outfit. I like those rounded frames. :D Kind of Harry Potter glasses hehe

  6. Yes, the shape of the face does matter in getting shades. It can highlight the best part of your face,

  7. My eye doctor said rectangular frame glasses are the best with the kind of shape my face has but I like oval or nerdy type too.

    1. If oval or nerdy types of sunnies will look good on you,
      why not Paul? ヅ

  8. the shape of the face is important whenever choosing shades because it helps one look better, thanks for these tips
    - Wanderer Juan

  9. Love the rings! Very rock chic. And i agree, finding the best fit sunnies always depend on the person's face. :)

  10. Wow! Will get one! Lovely! Love sunnies! :) Great article Wrey! Different glasses for different faces hehe :)

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    Classic Winchester Lady Watch Review
    Do you love Daniel Wellington watches???

    ❤ ~Chai
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  11. I totally dig the last pair though, I was wondering if this can work out for guys?

  12. Sunglasses is also a must have for me when I go out. the sunrays really hurt, especially now its summer.

    1. You might want to add one pair from our shop to your sunglasses collection. ヅ

  13. great informations dear! Mine as well. As I wanted to wear many other sunglasses as well but most of them doesnt look good to me. It sucks I know but lucky to those who can wear any shades! hehe xx

    1. You just need some patience in finding a pair that really works on you. ヅ

  14. Can I get that Lennon-inspired shades. That is so cool to wear.

    1. Surely Papaleng but that's already sold put.
      The tinted lens is the one that's available though. ヅ

  15. I think I have a round face so I choose the shape just right for me.

  16. I am not a fan of shades because I feel dizzy whenever I wear one. And I never had any luck in finding ones that suits my face.Hahaha :)

    1. Perhaps you need sunglasses with prescription... ヅ

  17. I have a round face that's why I'm using oversized sunnies. It looks good on me.

  18. I love to wear sunglasses, the bad thing is i usually forgot to bring one while I'm out and on summer outing.
    I like your animal printed sunglasses, so chic and stylist!

    1. Animal print sunglasses will look good on you. ヅ

  19. love all the sunglasses you were wearing! especially the one with the green and pink frame :)

    very helpful ang article na to, now I have an idea what would look well on me :)

  20. I prefer tea shades, wayfarers and super shades. They look super cool!

  21. Very nice post with good tips ! :)

  22. The style and design of all glasses are looking so beautiful.
    Aviator Sunglasses | Wayfarer Sunglasses


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