Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The aura of SM Aura! ◠◡◠

(this is a long overdue post)

When Robby came back from
Yamaha SZ-16 Adventure Challenge around 2 weeks ago,
I asked him to accompany me to the
newly opened SM AURA PREMIER Shopping Mall.

This is a little trivia to our international readers:
SM Aura mall opening was graced by no less than
the global fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker
- yes you read it right!
That's SJP from the famous Sex and the City TV series
who is also the mall's endorser. 
Photo from Inquirer.net
 We arrived around 11:30 AM.
We were surprised to see that most of the stores
inside the mall were not yet opened.
When we went up to their
Sky Park garden, some parts were still under construction.
 Perhaps they just rushed its opening to meet
SJP's schedule? I really don't know! hahaha! ヅ
 Anyhow, as promised on my previous post,
here's my OOTD wearing this cool top from BU5 Bazaar.
 I matched it with my faux-leather leggings.
I first thought my elephant fat legs couldn't fit
into them but thankfully they're stretchable. ヅ
 Do I look like a rocker here? LOL! (>‿◠)✌
 Some couple shots for you...(>‿♥)
After strolling at SM Aura, we dropped by another
shopping mall nearby - the Gaisano Market Market Mall.
 And here's what welcomed us...
 We're enjoying the fun wall arts.
 Which one is your favorite? ◠◡◠

Sunglasses: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Bag: Ebay
Faux-leather Leggings: Thrifted
Wedge Sneakers: Shoe Goddess

We have a thunderstorm in our country since weekend
and we have flood waters again.
Please pray for us especially for those people
who are displaced due to landslide & flood.
If you wish to help by donating,
you can do so through Philippine Red Cross.
Thank you so much!

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. wow, ahh need ko maexperience yan sm aura na yan one of this days! chikat si sarah jessica parker pa nag cut ng ribbon ahh

  2. Our one and only mall here in our place opened with so many unfinished constructions too! it was years ago though..
    I love the one with cake :)) cute

    1. It's good to know your mall was finally completed. Thanks about the cake! ヅ

  3. wow. i like the last photo. konting halt lang at lilipad ka nah! ^_^

  4. Super super cool!!!! coolest couple ever!!!

  5. There's not much stuff at SM Aura yet :) But it's a posh place haha :) Nice photos!

    Sorry I haven't blogged about your stuff yet >.< Can't write new posts yet ... all are still scheduled eeekk! Too busy lately for work stuff uuggghhh! I promise to write! But I'll continue to promote on Instagram first dear :)

    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  6. Hala aura gorabells sa sm aura!

  7. boo about the flood waters. :( i hope you guys are ok. yes, you look like a rocker. the couple shots are adorable. the wings, cake, and pom pom wall paintings as photo props are delightful too. wrey, your posts show off what a fun person you are. :)


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