Monday, June 24, 2013

This dog is barking at something! Arf-Arf! ◠‿◠

Do you know of what breed this dog is? (─‿‿─)
I immediately thought of one of Givenchy's hottest T-Shirts
when I first saw this tee at a thrift shop.

This is my canine version of the ubiquitous
Givenchy Rottweiler Shirt that you see
being worn by celebrities below.
Photo from Google Images
I bought this few months ago for only Php20.00 (US$0.46).
another steal for a thriftaholic like me!HAHAHA!!!*evil laugh*
By the way, thanks to my dear pal Carmela who took
most of my OOTD photos using her new Ipad mini. ヅ
For those who are long-time readers of our blog,
you might remember her here and here.
And thanks to Camille (not pictured) too
for being our instant photographer that day. ϡ
 ANTM meets Japan poses. hahaha!!! (>‿◠)✌
 "Walling" pose? hehehe! (¬‿¬)
Please excuse the dirty mirror. (>‘o’)>
One more thing...just let me say this...
 I'm currently obsessed with the WetnWild lipstick
(Just Garnet color)
courtesy of one of my team mates - Rena Mae.
Thanks Rena! Mwah❣
What can you say my darlings? ^◡^

Skull Bracelet: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Cuff: Fashionmoto Shop
Skeleton Connector Ring: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Ring: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Leather Bracelet: Eastwood Bazaar
Jeans: BNY
Studded Converse Sneakers: Thrifted

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. Ilove it!!!!!!! Binebenta mo din yan

    1. Salamat Kulapitot!
      Kapag nagsawa na ako, ibibenta ko! hehehe! ヅ

  2. nice angas din ng print ahh, well trip ko mga abstract designs pero
    i must say oks na oks din yan

    1. hehehe! Salamat Mecoy! Trip na trip ko rin! ヅ

  3. nice shirt!! cool!

  4. Nice shirt and poses by the way :))

    Siberian Husky yata yung dog na nasa shirt mo Wrey :)

    1. Thanks Fiel!
      Yan din ang hula ko! hehehe!!! ヅ

  5. wrey that garnet lipstick looks so pretty on you! your lips look perfect. that thrifted top does resemble the celebrity styles. hooray for fun friends, and evil laughs. ha-ha-ha! ;)

  6. Nice shirt1! Fierce! Cool accessories too!~ And yeah ... my blog psot ... my utang waaah! Sowee. Soon :)

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Mascara Topcoat
    My review on this new beauty product from Anastasia Beverly Hills

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    ❤ ~Chai
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  7. I saw really cheap Wet and Wild Lipstick over at eBay and thinking whether I should buy one. Is it moisturizing as well?

  8. There are many shirts now designed with huge animal prints. Following the trend, eh? I think wearing that shirt is comfortable. :)

  9. wow. the best thing about thrift shops are their overruns. i usually buy branded stuffs for a cheap price including shoes that are still considered new arrivals at malls.


  10. The shirt design looks really cool and so are the accessories.

  11. Gurl i love the shirt <3 you look great and cooL in black. kulet ng posing, lol :)

  12. lovely! so punk and cool! thinking of getting one too tomorrow i saw a lot around in the shopping mall here! those accessories are great too!

  13. So there's a dog fad in the shirt world... I don't know what breed that dog is, but if I were to name that dog, I'd call him Bogart =)

  14. love the shirt and knuckle-like ring. way to go, hopefully, you'll have a good photography for your looks. looking forward to that!

  15. I bet on the Skeleton Connector Ring! Love your style Wrey :) Keep it up!

  16. That shirt looks cool as well as the connector ring!

  17. Wow! astig ang dating hindi halata na 20 pesos lang ang value.

  18. I like the shade of you lipstick. not too bright or dark. pretty lips sis. http://www.2homes2moms.net

  19. Noice! Givenchy-inspired shirt. These would go pretty well with white short-shorts and sneakers! :)

  20. omg ang lakas maka-Givenchy! Sana makahanap din ako niyan sa thrift store! Waaah I envy you!


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