Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's time to ride with Yamaha & Harley-Davidson shirts! (>‿◠)

As I was window shopping few months ago,
this Yamaha racing shirt caught my fancy. ヅ

It was the last item left & it would surely fit on Robby
so I bought it for him before I regret of not doing so! ;-D
 As our long-time readers knew,
Robby is a Yamaha aficionado
(aside from Harley-Davidson of course).
He and his family believes in the brand's
enduring quality when it comes to motorcycles.
You can also check his post here about their
He himself has THREE Yamaha motorbikes,
including the military chopper you see on our header photo.
(the chopper bike is using a Yamaha engine)
He has yet to show you the third bike he'll
be working on soon.
 Some old photos wearing his other Yamaha uniforms err..shirts! ヅ
As I continued my wandering on the same day,
I dropped by a thrift store & this
genuine Harley-Davidson polo shirt greeted me.
Did I mention that he also admires Harley-Davidson bikes? ;-D
Harley-Davidson motorcycle is his dream bike,
hopefully he gets to drive his own someday
(we know that's very possible baby!)
so in the meantime let's be contented with this shirt. 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone! (>‿◠)

Yamaha shirt: Random Store for Php 500.00 (US$ 11.52)
Harley-Davidson shirt: Thrifted for Php 180.00 (US$ 4.15)

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. How I wish it was!

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. I like the shirt! Hehehe! *inggit*

  2. i kinda like that red shirt

  3. Beautiful tee ! How are you sweetie ? :)

  4. wrey, what an ode to your robby! great yamaha photos and how awesome that you found the harley polo at the thrift store. :)

  5. Cool ang shirt! Sponsored by yamaha dapat ang podt na to hehe


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