Saturday, October 12, 2013

D.I.Y. Singapore trip: First Day High! ◠◡◠

 Nǐhǎo Ma! ^◡^

We just got home from our 4-day trip to Singapura
and we still have the "Singapore Fever"! hahaha!
It's our first time to travel abroad.
We chose Singapore to be our destination and
we couldn't be any happier with our decision. 

 We all know Singapore is a Fine City (positive meaning)
but you need to visit it yourself for you to
experience the wonderful things it offers.
It's an amazing country with numerous tourist spots,
even their MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is an attraction itself. 
 Yep, that's the train station at the airport - it just takes
travellators, few walks, escalators/elavators
to get to it! Amazing isn't?
This is the facade of JJH Boutique Apartment.
It's a pocket-friendly hostel where we stayed
and we don't have anything to complain about
(we didn't care if it's situated in a red light district,
you wouldn't feel you're in one anyways).
It's an 8-minute walk to Aljunied MRT Station;
2-minute walk to a 24-hour supermarket;
fruit stands and eateries along the way, etc. 
  I have to mention that it's a D.I.Y. by yours truly,
that is one-year-in-the-making! LOL! ^◡^
I availed round trip tickets from Cebu Pacific Piso Sale
last September 2012, so we only paid
Php 5,638.68 (131 USD) for 2 persons.

I drafted the itinerary
(thanks to all travel blogs I've read online,
I'm sorry I forgot to take notes of your blog links. My bad!)
while Robby was responsible for
familiarizing the maps & MRT stations.

We're able to visit 98% of the listed places on our itinerary
(if not because of our aching feet due to long walks,
it could have been 100%)
which is a big accomplishment for us. Yay!
 We arrived at around 5:30 PM, we unloaded our stuff
at JJH Apartment & went straight to Merlion Park
to meet our ex-office mate who's now SG-base.
 We ran out of cellphone load to contact her.
Fortunately, people in SG are very are approachable & helpful.
A local (forgot his name) offered us his phone
for us to call our friend.
Once again, thanks a lot dude! You are our savior! ^◡^
The view of the magnificent Arts & Science Museum
and Marina Bay Sands.
Behind Robby is "The Durian" theaters by the bay.
Strolling at Merlion Park is so relaxing & also entertaining, 
it's situated in front of Marina Bay Sands which conducts
light show by the bay every night for free. ◠◡◠
We were starving after our stroll at Merlion Park so
we had to taste their famous Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Here it is --- drool to the yummiest Chicken Rice
from Makansutra!
I say "the yummiest" because during our 4-day stay,
we've tried Chicken Rice again from 3 different eateries
and this was the best of them all! 
Ice Kachang for dessert, the Singaporean take
of Pinoy Halo-Halo minus the ice cream, buko & leche flan.
If you'd ask me, our version is still the winner because of
those missing ingredients! (>‿◠)✌ 
After our hearty dinner, we continued the excursion to
the Helix bridge, Art & Science Museum and
Marina Bay Sands shopping mall.
Shout out to TL Feli!
Thank you so much for your
treats and useful tips in exploring Singapore.
See you when we see you! ◠‿◠
See the LV sign? For us it's should be VL
short for VACATION LEAVE - we need more of it! ◠‿◠
Yup! You see it right!
The MRT station is inside this luxurious mall.
TL Feli recommended the Singapore Tourist Pass
so we would have a   maximum 3-day unlimited pass
to trains & buses & still get the S$10 refund for
each person after returning the card within 5 days.
Good thing we heed what she suggested because
we were lost a couple of times &
had to take trains repeatedly! LOL!
If our feet could speak, they must have cursed
us A LOT! (¬‿¬)

That's it for now folks!
Stay tuned for my next post about our
Legoland Malaysia escapade! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

Shirt: Eastwood Bazaar
Pants: Thrifted
3D Bag: E.Moi

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


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  4. Awsome photos


  5. Ansarap damhin ang trip niyo , u made it girl to singapore! This is trully singapore with love

    1. Dream come true yan Kulapitot! Maraming salamat! ^◡^

  6. I was searching for Trip to Singapore since I am going this November and I must say your post was very useful. Looks like you had fun! Anyway I also love your bag. Where did you buy it from?

    Much love, ♥
    Rochelle Rivera

  7. wonderful impressions,looks like you had a wonderful time

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  9. my friend and i got lost in nyc too. riding the subway from one way to another. so nice of that person to let you use her cell phone to call your friend. you had lots of adventures in singapore!

    1. Yes, people in Singapore are approachable & kind! ヅ

      How I wish we could visit NYC too Teddi! ヅ


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