Thursday, October 17, 2013

Land of Legos! ◠‿◠

 Let's go to Legoland lovelies and gents! ^◡^

We spent the 2nd day of our DIY Singapore-Malaysia trip
in the sunny Legoland. 乂⍲‿⍲乂

WARNING: Photo overload.

To avoid the hassle of cross-country commute, we availed
the 1 Day Legoland Tour with 2-way bus transfer for S$56.

The meeting place was in Lavender MRT Station at 8:30 AM.
I insisted to ride on a bus going there just so we can try it &
according to Google maps it would only take 2 rides for 15-20mins.

Unfortunately, our Singapore Tourist Pass was not
accepted in the bus and we couldn't get out of it
because it was jam packed with passengers!
We panicked! O﹏o
We informed the driver about it,
he said we had to pay S$4.50 and we did. Damn!

Anyhow, as we were reading the street signs
during our 8-minute ride,
we discovered that we're already in Lavender area.
We alight at the nearest bus stop & spent 10 minutes
looking for the Lavender MRT Station.
Luckily, a lady who overheard us asking about its
direction approached us to say that she's
also heading to the said train station.

We made it to the meeting place at 7:30 AM.
BIG THANKS to all those kind people
who helped us to be on time. ◠‿◠
We're HERE!!!
Yehey! ◠‿◠
We arrived at around 11:00 AM yet nothing couldn't stop us
from exploring the area under Mr. Sun's scorching heat. 
These Lego kids greeted us at the entrance area.
 We then proceeded to the so-called "Heart of Legoland"
- the Miniland!
As written on Legoland Malaysia's website:
"It took three years and more than 30 million LEGO® bricks to recreate some of Asia’s best known landmarks in detailed miniature.Stroll through famous scenes from 17 Asian countries, including the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue and the Taj Mahal. The whole of MINILAND is animated, and guests – big and small – can bring the models to life at the touch of a button."
That's mini Malaysia.
 Of course, my beloved country - The Philippines is here!
Can you spot the jeepneys? ヅ
 Cambodia and Thailand (I'm not really sure!). ヅ
 The Petronas Tower
  The beautiful Taj Mahal! 웃❤유
Then we rode in the Lego train. (─‿‿─)
choo! choo!
Wanna taste an ice cream made of Lego? (>‿◠)
Let's fly to the land of adventure.
 Is this an Egyptian dance? (>‿◠)
 At a glance, the parrots look so real!
 Mimicking the cross-legged giraffe.
Playing with the mini bike that has sound effects!
Robby was enjoying it! hahaha!
We're getting ready to board the observation tower.
By riding the observation tower,
you get the bird's-eye view of the entire Legoland
and it's for free!!!
Welcome to Lego Kingdoms!
Our kingdom! haha!
Unluckily, the Legoland Hotel hasn't opened yet.
It would be nice if we could have toured inside it.
Guess which one says PUSH or PULL? ヅ
Fanta Strawberry, Nuts & Fruits & Nips with peanuts & raisins,
foodies with yummy flavors that aren't available in my homeland.
Too bad! (╥﹏╥)
We had to take time to rest because of our aching feet.
Well, that's a wrap wonderful people! ◠‿◠
Hope you enjoyed touring Legoland through these pictures.

Please check back next week for more posts
about our travel to Singapore & Malaysia.
As a fashion blogger,
I'm obliged to take OOTD shots. haha! B-Þ
Tip: If you're planning to visit this fun place in the future,
don't forget to bring bottled water, umbrella/caps,
hankies/small towels and wear comfy footwear. ツ

Shirt: Thrifted
Leggings: Thrifted
Wedge Sneakers: Fancy Feet
3D Bag: Emoi
Comics cap: Emoi
Sunglasses: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Earrings: Fashionmoto Shop
Skull Bangle: Trendphile
YOLO rings: Forever 21
Skull & Gold Rings: Blogger United Bazaar

~~~> wReY ✯◡✯


  1. ha, i love miniature parks! looks like y'all had a ball.

  2. You really had a great time in Legoland. I hope to visit the place soon. I grew up playing lego as a kid.

  3. That looks like a lot of fun, cool sunglases

  4. I love the 2D bag! You're so lucky to be able to go to such places :)

    xx Daphne of http://daphnebenosa.com

  5. oh this must be so much fun :) i love to visit parks :)

  6. looks like you enjoyed there a lot.hope one day I could visit there. :)

    1. You should visit Legoland Debarpan, you won't regret it! ヅ

  7. Wooot!? ang saya naman ng gala mode nyo sa Legoland! #inggitmuch

    1. ahehehe! don't worry, makakapunta ka rin doon Fiel, one of these days! ヅ

  8. Tnx sa phto at nkapagtour ako sa legoland hihihi , astig pla ang trip niyo singapura to malay mo malay ko malaysia!

    1. You're welcome Kulapitot!

      Nakauwi na kami sa - Feel mo, feel nya...Philippines! ヅ

  9. I love your bag! so cute!

    I'm always fascinated with Lego ever since...parang magic lang!

  10. wrey, every time i see photos of each lego land i am amazed at the creations! they all seem to be so vast & unique. i can't imagine what the hotel would be like when it is finished. tired with aching feet is how i felt walking in new york city. kind people really do make your day, don't they?

    1. Same here Teddi! We'd love to go back to Legoland and explore the hotel ourselves! ヅ

      New York - one of my dream cities! ヅ

  11. Love the 2D bag <3 and great place to have fun. Followed you already. Hope to follow back.


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